Jobs and Internships

Here you will find comprehensive information and resources about jobs and internships to help you from start to finish in your search process. 

Preparation: Creating Application Materials: Complete guide to write resumes, cover letters, references, and other common application materials. 

Develop Your Skills with an Internship: How to get an internship, what to do after you've completed your internship, and additional internship resources.

Finding a Professional Job After Graduation: Heading towards graduation or already out in the field and need to search for a new position? This page is for you!

Additional Job Search Information and Resources

Career Events: The Career Development Center sponsors and co-sponsors numerous career events annually. These events are great for you to expand your network and search for internships or full-time job opportunities. 

Interviewing: Here you will find information about preparing for an interview, types of interviews and questions, and what to do to be successful and put your best image forward as a candidate. 

Networking & LinkedIn: Networking is about building relationships — connecting with someone else.  Your goal is not to get a job or internship, your goal is to find out what would benefit that other person and understand what you might be able to offer. 

Gig Economy: The gig economy is booming. Learn more about what the gig economy is and access career resources to help you in the gig world.

Career & Jobs Search Links by Major

Work-Study and Part-Time Employment

Part-Time Job Search: On- and Off-Campus: Resources for students that are not work-study eligible, looking for part-time jobs on-campus or off-campus in the Mankato community. 

Finding Your Work-Study Job on Handshake: For students looking for on-campus employment. Must be work-study eligible. If you are unsure if you qualify for work-study, check out the Work-Study Employment page or contact the Campus Hub.


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