Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

The following Graduate Assistantship (GA) Opportunities are available at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

To Apply

Students/Prospective Students:

  • Email the listed contact with the requested application materials detailed in each posting.
  • View the links below for full descriptions and more information.

To Post


If you have questions about graduate assistantships at Minnesota State University, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at 507-389-2321. For any amendments to current postings, contact

About Graduate Assistantships

  • Almost 25% of our graduate students receive a graduate assistantship.
  • A full graduate assistantship typically pays a stipend of at least $10,000 for the academic year.
  • A full graduate assistantship carries a waiver of up to nine graduate credits per semester.
  • Graduate Assistants must enroll in a minimum of six credits per semester.
  • Graduate Assistants with a summer appointment must enroll for at least one graduate credit.
  • Graduate Assistantships funded by non-State appropriated funds include a stipend and tuition waiver that adhere to policy, with all associated costs paid by the funding source.
  • Veterans should note that accepting a graduate assistantship offer may have an impact on Post 9-11 (Chapter 33) educational benefits. Individuals with questions about this should contact the Veterans Affairs Certification Officer.