Part-Time Job Search: On- and Off-Campus


On-campus jobs are great opportunities to earn money, gain experience, and get to know MSU better. Many student help positions are posted on Handshake. Please note: Student Financial Services handles work-study assignments. 

Login to your free Handshake account to access both on- and off-campus part-time employment opportunities. If you are new to campus, or are switching job positions, below you will find the step by step instructions to browse positions on Handshake. 

Instructions by video

Instructions with visuals (PDF)


  1. If you are a new student, wait for the University to create your account AFTER you have completed orientation and registered for classes. Shortly after orientation you will receive a welcome e-mail from Handshake to your inbox– this means your account is ready and you can log in.  If you are a current student, your account is already set-up. 
  2. Log in using your Star ID and password (If it is your first time logging in it will guide you through setting up your profile). 
  3. Click on the “Jobs” card. 
  4. Click on oval labelled “On-campus” to find on-campus employment.  
  5. For off-campus part-time jobs, click on oval labelled “Part-time” and filter location to “Mankato, MN” to find jobs in the Mankato and surrounding areas. 


Utilize your network - tell everyone you know you're looking for work. Speak with instructors, family, coaches, friends, parents of friends - anyone and everyone you can think of - and ask for help. Many jobs are found through referrals and the people you know are often happy to assist. 

Part-Time (Year-Round)  

Part-Time (Seasonal) 


The Career Development Center hosts several job fairs and networking events throughout the year where you can connect with employers, learn about jobs available in the community, and develop the skills and experience you need.