Finding Your Work-Study Job on Handshake

If you have been awarded work-study funds as part of your financial aid package, congratulations!  This is an awesome opportunity to take advantage of the transferable skills, resources, and knowledge that will be gained by working on-campus to help fund your education.  In order to earn these work-study funds, you must use (in most cases) the Work-Study Application that is found here to apply to work-study eligible jobs that are found on Handshake. Download the application, fill it out, save it to your computer, and re-upload it to work-study jobs on Handshake.  

If you are unsure if you are work-study eligible, check out the Work-Study Employment page for more information.  

If you are a returning student and hope to be re-hired in a previous position, then you can bypass Handshake and speak with your past employer directly.  Make your supervisor aware that you have received work-study again in your financial aid package and would like to return. 

If you are new to campus or are switching Work-Study positions, below you will find the step-by-step instructions to browse positions on Handshake.

If you prefer these instructions by video, watch them here:


  1. If you are a new student, wait for the University to create your account AFTER you have completed orientation and registered for classes. Shortly after orientation, you will receive a welcome e-mail from Handshake to your inbox– this means your account is ready and you can log in.  If you are a current student, your account is already set up.
  2. Click here to log in using your StarID and password (If it is your first time logging in it will guide you through setting up your profile).
  3. Click on the “Jobs” tab at the top left corner.
  4. Click on oval labeled “All filters.” 
  5. Check the box labeled “Work-study” and click the blue oval “Show results” at the bottom right.

Your search will then turn up all of the Work-Study jobs that are currently live.  You can click on the titles to learn more and apply by uploading the Work-Study Application (or other documents as requested by each job posting).  Keep in mind that these postings may change daily as new positions become available or get filled.  Don’t delay applying – if you see a job you’d like, make sure you apply ASAP as employers may hire before the “close” date if the right applicant applies.  The earliest your Work-Study job could start is the first day of classes, August 24th, but employers can choose to hire and post at any point before then, or after, so make sure to log in regularly.  Once you accept a Work-Study job, you will not be able to switch during the 2020-2021 academic year. 

If you have questions about your Financial Aid package or award, please contact the Campus Hub to make an appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor.  They can be reached at  If you have questions about using Handshake contact the Career Development Center at

Welcome to the #MavFam and we look forward to partnering with you on your Maverick journey!