Using Handshake for Work-Study & Student Help Hiring

1. Set Up Your Employer Account on Handshake

  • Set up your employer account here (please use your e-mail address)
  • During account set up, be sure to:
    • Connect with Minnesota State University, Mankato as your employer organization (you’ll be prompted)
    • When prompted, also choose to connect with Minnesota State University, Mankato as a school you want your job postings to be visible at (please ONLY choose our university during this section)
  • The first time you log in you’ll be prompted to set up automatic replies, please use these below but customize for your office:


Thank you for applying to work in INSERT YOUR DEPARTMENT NAME HERE. We have received your application and will be reviewing it shortly.

Thank you,




Thank you for your interest in working at INSERT YOUR DEPARTMENT NAME HERE.

We have reviewed your application for {{job title}}. If your experience is a good fit for this role, we will be in touch with information about next steps.

Thank you,



Thank you for your interest and application to work at INSERT YOUR DEPARTMENT NAME HERE. Unfortunately, we have decided not to move ahead with your application for the role at this time.  

Please do not hesitate to reach out in the future if we have another role you think could be a fit for you and be sure to review Handshake for new opportunities posted regularly across campus.  If you would like assistance preparing your applications materials or doing a practice interview for future job opportunities, schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor at The Career Development Center under the “Career Center” tab on your Handshake homepage. 

Thank you,

  • For more questions on Account Set-Up, see the Handshake help page here.

2. Posting Your Job

  • Follow instructions here to post your job.
  • When doing so, please follow these rules below, it helps job seekers find you better and keep our system organized.
    • Title your job Office Name - Job Title - Work Study ( # Positions open if more than 1) - Example: Career Development Center – Front Desk Assistant – Work Study (2 positions)
    • Be sure to select your correct “Division” in the job posting process.
    • Work-Study and Part-Time Jobs that span an entire academic year are considered “Permanent” not “Temporary.”
    • Be sure to click the “Work-Study” box if applicable. Only students eligible for Work-Study will be able to see your posting if you click this box.  If you are hiring out of your own department budget, do not click “Work-Study.”
    • When you are prompted to include necessary documents for the applicant to submit, if hiring Work-Study, we recommend you link to the Standard Work-Study Application found here. These students likely DO NOT have a resume or cover letter and are not prepared to write one at this point in their career, and that is OK.  We recommend you do not request full resumes or cover letters for work-study roles. 
  • For other specific questions on job postings, see Handshake help page here.

3. Review & Select Applicants

  • Work-Study is an important part of our student’s financial package – if you get multiple applicants for your position it is appropriate to select the best candidate for your job, but it is not appropriate to ignore or not hire students that apply simply because you are holding out for a “better” candidate. As a University we are committed to helping every student who wants a Work-Study position, secure a Work-Study position. 
  • Work-Study positions are vital to our University daily operations, but taking on a Work-Study supervisee requires investment from you as the Supervisor too. Be prepared to commit to the growth and learning of your student – this is one of the incredible privileges and joys we have as educators!
  • Any Work-Study job should be able to be done by any student. No special requirements are appropriate and employers should make every effort possible to coordinate a fair, equitable, bias-free hiring process. 
  • As you review applicants, make sure to update their status in the drop down menu next to their name.
  • It is a best practice to offer your position and get a confirmation of acceptance in writing. This can be done through Handshake communication system or directly through e-mails with your student applicants.
  • Once you have selected your successful candidate(s), it is important that you EXPIRE your job on Handshake so that it keeps the system as clean as possible for job-seekers.
  • For more information on applications, visit this Handshake help page here.

4. Finish Paperwork with MSU Business Services

  • Handshake is a matching tool to help you find and hire students. You will still need to complete the paperwork process with Business Services to get your new student on payroll and finalized.  See more info here and direct questions on this process to Cheryl Miller in Business Services.  

5. Other Resources