​About Employee Wellness at Work

Wellness Committee Members

The committee is compromised of volunteers from various departments on campus that collaborate to support the wellness mission. Volunteers may include, but are not limited to, faculty, staff, interns, and graduate assistants. The committee welcomes any new volunteers who are interested in taking an active role by regularly attending meetings and assisting with development of educational outreach activities.

Goal Statements

Supported by the state for faculty and staff development the committee focuses on identifying a variety of outreach activities and initiatives to support the wellness mission:

  1. Promote healthy lifestyle behaviors;
  2. Develop educational outreach activities;
  3. Encourage personal and professional productivity;
  4. Encourage physical, mental, social, and holistic wellbeing


  • This committee meets monthly to review the agenda
  • Coordinate and/or develop outreach programs
  • Assist managing outreach programs
  • Assess and discuss feedback about potential and current outreach programs
  • Discuss annual budget