Policies and procedures apply to all of our residence communities. Each student receives a copy of the Student Guide when they move in and are expected to know the content contained within it.

Student Guide

Stadium Heights Student Guide

Guest Policy

Residents are responsible for informing their guests of policies and procedures. Ultimately, the resident is responsible for their guest’s actions and can be held accountable through the student conduct process.


Students who are found responsible for a policy violation are sanctioned through the student conduct process. These are possible outcomes for violations.

Smoke & Vape-Free Policy

Our residence communities are smoke and vape-free. Learn more about the policy and resources available to students.

Quiet Hours Policy

Noise is expected to be contained to a student's room so as to not impact others. Learn more about the courtesy hours and quiet hours policy here.

Alcohol & Drug Policy

View information about the alcohol and drug policy so that you are informed and know the expectation.