Guaranteed Energy Savings Program

Promote awareness and implementation of energy efficient and renewable energy measures in public facilities by state and local governments, school districts, and institutions of higher learning that result in millions of dollars in annual energy savings while creating jobs, reducing energy consumption, improving facility infrastructure and reducing carbon emissions.  

Guaranteed Energy Savings Program (GESP)

Report (PDF)

Case Study (PDF)

Energy Costs (2013)
$4,098,430/ year / Baseline

  • Electricity: 77,800 kW, $2.7 million
  • Natural Gas: 2.2 million therms, $1 million
  • Sewer: $191,000
  • Water: $193,000

Project Annual Energy Savings= $442,683 in
Guaranteed Energy Savings & Material Savings

Total Emissions Reduced
(Source of Metrics = SERC/Midwest reliability Org)
4,200 Metric Tons of CO2 Equivalent

Over 22,000 fixtures upgraded in 31 buildings to create a modern appearance within an older space

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction in CO2 =
1st year = 4,214 Metric tons
20 year = 84,280 Metric tons

LED Lighting Upgrades The end result provided a more open and brighter space. Improved night-time visibility and safety
Control Upgrades (Library VFDs & Economizer Programming) Pump Speed Reduction = Energy Savings
Boiler #4 Control Upgrades Removed unsupported, outdated controls with latest technology
Central Boiler Plant Improvements Improved Feedwater and Deaerator Controls
Belimo Energy Valves Precise Control of Chilled Water to “Free-Up” Chiller Capacity
Chiller #2 VFD Precise and clean installation, Chiller Modulation for Improved Performance