Professional Perspectives

Kim Danger, Program Manager, YWCA Mankato

As Program Manager at YWCA Mankato, I've had the pleasure to work directly with several of the Honors Program students.   They've all demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, maturity and conscientiousness.  Not only do they take their academics seriously, they're community-minded, caring, and all-around great people.  It's reassuring to know we have young adults like this having a positive impact on society and leading us into the future.

Chelsea Skluzacek, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Minnesota State University, mankato

I have had the pleasure of supervising student employees for a few years now. I have had many students involved in the Honors Program work at the Annual Giving Call Center. Honors Program students stand out from the crowd and excel in all areas of our workplace. The leadership, critical thinking and professional skills Honors students display are an asset to any workplace. Their enthusiasm for being global citizens, involved in the community and their focus is remarkable. I look forward to a future where these students can help improve our world and society.   

Chad Tischer, Partner DiMeo Schneider & Associates; Minnesota State University, Mankato Foundation Board Member and Honors Program Scholarship Donor

Students who dedicate the effort to work through the honors curriculum have demonstrated a resilience that would be desired of any college graduate.  Our experience with current and former students is the grit and adaptability to succeed that is embedded in these students.