As part of the Center for Academic Success, the Writing Center is the primary on-campus source for free academic support in the areas of writing, speech, and modern languages. We design and implement innovative programming and services to assist all students with their development as confident and effective writers and communicators.

Face-to-Face Tutoring

The Writing Center offers face-to-face appointments and drop-ins on the first floor of the Memorial Library by the elevators.

Document Upload

One online option for writing tutoring is the document upload option. This allows you to receive feedback on your paper without a formal meeting.

Real-Time Zoom Tutoring

We also offer real-time Zoom appointments. These are virtual, yet face-to-face meetings that mimic what we do in our physical location.

Appointment Limits and Exceptions

Students are limited to three writing center appointments per class per week. Students may request exceptions to this limit by contacting our office.

Writing Resources

We understand that you can't always make an appointment work with your schedule. We have a variety of resources meant to help you in these situations.

Writing Frequently Asked Questions

Our academic journey is always full of questions. Our office receives many questions here are some of our frequently asked ones.


Drop-ins are available during many hours when the Writing Center is open. Please visit the first floor of the library past the elevators Monday through Thursday 9am-7pm, Friday 9am-1pm, Saturday 1pm-3pm, and Sunday 7pm-9pm.