Appointment Limits and Exceptions

Students are limited to three writing center appointments per week per class.  For example, if a student has writing for one class, they are limited to three appointments.  If the student has writing for two classes, they may make six appointments for per week.  This limit is in place to ensure that all students in the university have access to writing center services and that the vast majority of appointment slots are not being reserved by only a few students.  The limit is also in place to ensure that students have time to think about and revise their papers between writing center appointments. 

Unlimited walk-in hours:   

In addition to the three appointments per class per week, students may visit our writing center drop-in hours without limitation, provided that students are making considerable progress on their papers in between visits. 

Appointment Exceptions:   

If you are working on a considerably long paper, such as a capstone project, the Writing Center Assistant Director may waive the three appointment rule for you so that your writing tutor can spend more time working with you on your capstone.  To request an exception, write to