Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is MavPASS? 

MavPASS is free academic support for students at MNSU. The MavPASS program works directly with faculty to provide support in challenging courses. Each course has a MavPASS Leader who provides support and guidance for students in and out of the classroom through peer facilitated study sessions or office hours.

Q: What do we do in MavPASS sessions?

A: MavPASS leaders guide students through course material and help them better understand class content. Some examples of session activities include content review, practice problems and content-related games and quizzes.

Q: How strict are MavPASS session times?

A: MavPASS sessions will follow specially designed session plans and will start and end at the listed times. Students who arrive late can participate in all the activities which they are present for, but they will likely miss some content.

Q: Is MavPASS required?

A: In general, MavPASS attendance is not required.  There are students in some programs whose advisors may require or strongly encourage attendance.  However, in most classes, many students attend voluntarily because they see the incredible benefits: deeper understanding of course content, learned study strategies, and more.

Q: Why should I go to MavPASS?

A: Students who frequently attend MavPASS sessions have been shown to have higher class grades and GPA’s and lower DWF (Drop/Withdraw/Fail) rates than those who do not attend. MavPASS also often offers other incentives for students who attend regularly, and some instructors even offer extra credit!

Q: Who are MavPASS leaders?

A: A MavPASS leader is a strong student who has taken their supported class and succeeded in it. They attend the same classes as the students they support, and they structure lesson plans based on that same class material.

Q: Will my professor know that I attended MavPASS?

A: Your attendance at MavPASS sessions or office hours is anonymous, so your professor will not be given information about your attendance unless you give consent (i.e. to earn extra credit).

Q: Are MavPASS sessions online or in-person?

A: Currently, some of the MavPASS courses provide both in-person and Zoom study sessions/office hours; some only have an in-person option. It depends on the course you are attending. 

Q: Are MavPASS Leader office hours online or in-person?

A: All office hours of MavPASS Leaders are held online via zoom. Reach out to the MavPASS Leader on to get connected! You can find their information on your class syllabus, on your course D2L page, or on the MavPASS website.