MavPASS Sessions on Zoom

Regardless of the circumstances, MavPASS is here to support you! To fit with the context and/or content, some MavPASS sessions will be held via Zoom.  For added convenience, all MavPASS Leaders will also hold their office hours via Zoom

Locate the MavPASS session you wish to attend by finding your course on the MavPASS courses webpage.

To configure your account, go to, click on "Sign In," and enter your StarID and password. Once logged in, click on the Zoom meeting room of the session you wish to attend at the time it is scheduled to learn and enjoy time with your classmates!  You can also enter the Zoom meeting ID (number sequence at the end of the link) given to you by your MavPASS Leader into the "Join a Meeting" text box at Your MavPASS Leader will provide you with the password for entry.

Trouble? Contact Zoom Support at 1-888-799-9666 or visit the MNSU IT Solutions Zoom webpage for more help.