MavPASS Session Locations

This page shows all the MavPASS Session Locations in a map form and a video guide! If you have any questions, contact


Memorial Library 45

Map to ML 45.jpg  PDF of Map to ML45

Memorial Library 47

Map to ML 47.jpgPDF of Map to ML47

Memorial Library 109

Map to ML 109.jpgPDF of Map to ML109

Memorial Library 101B

ML101B Map.jpg.    PDF of Map to ML101B

Memorial Library 1034

Map to ML 1034.jpgPDF of Map to ML1034

Preska 105

Map to PS 105.jpgPDF of Map to PS105


Ford Hall 216

Trafton Center 122

Trafton East 225

Wissink Hall 125

Wissink Hall 284A

Wissink Hall 284

Pennington Hall 110

Pennington Hall 116

Preska 126