Frequently Asked Testing Questions

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What do I need to bring with me to my Accuplacer exam? 

Your photo ID is required to test. Everything else you need for the exam will be provided for you.

I am from a different MinnState college or university, am I able to take the Accuplacer at your location?

Yes, but you must first acquire a testing voucher code from your institution. 

I am unsure if I need to take the Accuplacer. What should I do? 

Check out the course placement policies page on our website and/or consult with an academic advisor to determine if a placement test is necessary. 

How can I prepare for the Accuplacer? 

Study materials can be found on the Accuplacer website and below: 

Advanced Algebra and Functions


ESL Reading

How many times may I attempt the Accuplacer?

Students are allotted two opportunities to take the Accuplacer. After which, if a student is not satisfied with their placement, they should connect with their academic advisor to determine next steps.  

Where do I go to take placement exams for French, German, or Spanish?

Testing for these programs is offered through the World Languages and Cultures department. More information can be found on their website

I need to take a test not currently offered by the University Testing Center, what should I do?

Email and we can direct you to the correct resource.

I need a proctor for one of my courses, can the University Testing Center help me with that? 

The University Testing Center does not currently have the capacity to proctor individual exams for academic courses. We recommend connecting with your instructor on options for remote proctoring if needed.