Staff and Faculty Degree Planning Resources

Degree Planning and Completion Tools

Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) 

The degree audit is an advising tool highlighting the course requirements for completing an undergraduate degree. You can access degree audits through the Faculty App or Employee Home. Department chairs have access to audits for all students in their programs and faculty have access to their advisees. Professional advisors have access to all students.

Graduation Planner

Graduation Planner allows students and advisors to create personalized, adjustable plans that identify the courses the student needs to take each term to satisfy their academic program requirements and stay on track for graduation. Term-by-term plans will provide our institution with valuable aggregate data needed for demand analysis and classroom scheduling.

Graduation Planner is available for all Minnesota State University, Mankato students. Though all students are encouraged to use Grad Planner, select programs are best supported by the tool. For a complete list, click here.

The MinnState system office has created great documents to assist you in using these. Keep in mind the links below are aimed to serve staff and faculty and are not directed at students.

Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder helps students plan their academic terms by allowing students to schedule planned courses according to preferences of ideal days and times, delivery method, and instructor. It also allows students to plan for back up courses. Students can view course information including seat availability and can build schedules manually or let Schedule Builder automatically generate combinations based on their indicated preferences. Students can build schedules using courses from Graduation Planner, or from Schedule Builder itself. Schedule Builder is a planning tool and does not add courses to e-services or register students for courses. The MinnState system created a guide here.