Graduation Planner and Schedule Builder

Graduation Planner

What is Graduation Planner?

  • Graduation Planner allows you to create a plan to graduate based on your goals and ideal timeline.
  • It works alongside your degree audit to include courses you have already taken, courses in progress, and courses you plan to take in the future.
  • You can plan using a roadmap, which is an ideal four year plan to graduation.
  • Advisors can work with you to plan semesters, leave comments and recommendations, and calculate your GPA.
  • You can also create “What If” plans if you are exploring other majors, minors, or certificates.

How can I get started?

All undergraduate students have access! You will find Graduation Planner in eServices. Faculty can view plans for their advisees.

Spring 2024 office hours will be held on Tuesdays from 10-11am. Stop by Registration and Academic Records or join on Zoom.

Using Graduation Planner

After logging in to eServices, click on Academic Records and then Degree Audit. Click on Open Degree Audit, Graduation Planner, and Schedule Builder, which will open a new window. You may be prompted to log in again. Request a degree audit. After it loads, click on Plans in the horizontal bar to create a plan.

Screenshot of the Student Planner website menu

Step-by-step guides

Graduation Planner – Creating a Plan

Planning from a Roadmap

Graduation Planner is available to all students but is most compatible with select majors. As you work with Graduation Planner, please be advised this is a planning tool that does not replace academic advising and course registration. Please continue to work with your advisor as you plan your path to graduation, and note the following limitations to this tool.

Schedule Builder

How does Schedule Builder work?

  • Helps you plan each semester according to preferred days/times, mode of delivery, instructor, and more.
  • Checks to see available seats and create backup schedules.
  • It will automatically generate combinations of classes, or you can manually create them.
  • You can add courses directly from your Graduation Plan or use Schedule Builder on its own. After creating your schedules, you will need to register for courses in eServices.

The Minnesota State Student Planner includes your degree audit, Graduation Planner, and Schedule Builder. These tools can be accessed from any device. This page includes tutorials and guides not listed here.