​Degree Program Codes

Note: The oldest catalog that can be used to confer degrees is 2014-2015.


Undergraduate Degree Abbreviations
Abbreviation Degree
AA Associate of Arts
BA Bachelor of Arts
BAS Bachelor of Applied Science
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
BS Bachelor of Science
BSCE Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
BSE Bachelor of Science in Engineering
BSEC Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
BSEE Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
BSME Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
BSSW Bachelor of Science in Social Work
CERT Certificate


The following tables display the degree program codes for majors, minors, and certificates, along with information concerning which catalogs they exist in.

College of Allied Health & Nursing

Humanities and Social Sciences (formerly College of Arts and Humanities)

College of Business

College of Education

College of Science, Engineering, & Technology

Humanities and Social Sciences (formerly College of Social & Behavior Sciences)