Student Record Changes

A student's major can be changed in ISRS under the Area Study/Int tab. Majors may be added at any time, but special attention needs to be paid to upper level admission status (program id 1000). Please refer to the specific major to view information on the department's major declaration policy.

When changing a major, be sure to end-date any majors or minors that the student is no longer pursuing.

Transfer Pathway information:

If a transfer pathway student changes majors, be sure to end-date cohort code 4065 so the correct major requirements show on their degree audit.

New catalog change information:

Catalog changes are now processed by changing the DARS Catalog YRTR field on the Area Study/Int tab. Entering a program id of 0500 on the Cohort/Prog tab no longer does anything. When changing catalogs, ensure that the catalog chosen is not earlier than the student's matriculation date. Minors can also be added from different catalogs using this method.