Frequently Asked Questions – You know the drill. Get your answers now.

Awesome. We are excited that you are considering studying abroad.

To get started:

Students can study abroad once they meet the eligibility requirements:

  • Completed two semesters as a full-time Minnesota State University, Mankato student for semester or academic programs abroad. Freshman may participate in a faculty-led program with the professor’s permission during their second term (pending a first term transcript indicating good standing).
  • Typically, you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 (higher for some programs) to be considered.
  • Be in good academic and university standing.

Programs are offered fall and spring semesters, semester breaks, and summer. Some programs can be combined and extended up to one academic year.

Students may participate in:

Absolutely! Check out our Financial Aid page for more information. All students are encouraged to apply for the FAFSA, awards may be used toward study abroad.

Our exchange programs may be a good fit for you. You pay Minnesota State University tuition and get help and support from the Center for Education Abroad and Away and our overseas partners. Additional costs would include your plane ticket, visa/passport costs, and your living expenses abroad. We are constantly expanding the number of exchange programs.

Yes. Our application process includes a Pre-Approved Class Planner. During the application phase, you will list your planned classes (plus some alternates) and take it to the appropriate campus departments so that they can confirm in writing how the classes will transfer back.

In all cases, students receive on-going support from overseas staff and from the Center for Education Abroad and Away. Orientation sessions are offered in Mankato and in your destination country. At your in-country orientation, you will learn about what to do in case of an emergency. For non-emergencies, both the on-site staff and Minnesota State University staff members are available to answer questions and direct students to resources such as activities, health care, academic support services, etc.

The cost of the programs vary depending on length, location and provider. Program costs are listed for each program. When meeting with an Education Abroad Advisor they will also provide you with a detailed budget sheet that will include all foreseeable costs for each program.

Yes! Major and minor courses can be completed abroad, courses will need to be approved by the department chair for each major. We encourage you to set up an appointment with your advisor to discuss the classes you will be taking and the department chair for approval. The pre-approved class planner will allow the department chair to sign off on the courses and ensure they the credits will transfer back here to Minnesota State University.

Not necessarily. We encourage student to plan their study abroad trip early in their college career to decide when would be the best time for them to go abroad. Students are encouraged to take classes that would count toward their goal areas to help stay on track for graduation.

Each country has a different visa policy. Depending on the length of study students may or may not need a visa. Students studying abroad for a semester or academic year will more than likely need to obtain a visa. It is important to research the process early as it might take a while to obtain. For more information on visas. Students will also receive detailed information from their host university or program provider.

Application deadlines for Fall and Summer semester are March 1 and for Spring Semester it is October 1.