International Programs

Programs Locations Terms Dates Faculty
Winter Break Criminal Justice Study Abroad Tour to Europe Ireland Winter Break TBD Thor Dahle , Tamara Tucker Wilkins
SLP & Audiology Services in Belize Belize Spring TBD Renee Shellum, Jessica Jones
Dental Health Study Abroad in Belize Belize Spring TBD Brigette Cooper
Cuba: Advocacy, Social Change, and Globalization Cuba Spring Break TBD James Dimock , Dan Cronn-Mills, Kristi Treinen
Germany-Austria Study Tour Vienna, Nurember, Berlin Spring Break TBD Kevin Parsneau, Nadja Kramer
Colonial and Cold War Cuba Cuba Spring TBD Matt Loayza, Chad McCutchen
Fair Trade Study Abroad in Belize Belize Spring Break TBD Kristin Scott
Cruise Culture Caribbean Spring Break TBD Kristi Montandon
Culture Immersion for Healthcare Austria and Amsterdam Austria, Amsterdam Spring TBD Julie Fredrick, Hans-Peter deRuiter
Engineering project in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Spring TBD Winston Sealy
International Law and Politics: The European Experience United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium Spring TBD Wade Davis, Scott Granberg-Rademacker
Art Across the Lines France Spring TBD Brian Frink, Richard Robbins
Music Travel Tour England, Germany, Sweden Spring TBD Michael Olson, Scott Legere
Gender and Land: Activism in Costa Rica Costa Rica Spring TBD Laura Harrison, Danielle Haque
Study Abroad in Germany Germany Spring TBD Mohamed Diab, Dawn Armfield, Lee Tesdell
Humans of Northumberland England Summer TBD Rachel Hanel, Sarah Henderson Lee
Cultural Awareness and Global Health New Zealand Summer TBD Lynnette Engewick
Psychology Summer Study Abroad Iceland, Scottland Summer TBD Moses Langley
Summer Study in France (2-week) France Summer TBD Evan Bibbee
Summer Study in France (6-week) France Summer TBD Evan Bibbee
International Sport Management in The Netherlands Netherlands Spring TBD Suzannah Armentrout
Norwegian Immigration to the U.S.  Norway 2021 Term TBD Kyle Ward