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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Residential Life CONDUCT APPEAL

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Please note: Grounds for appeal do not include the stress, cost, and inconvenience of relocation, contract termination or suspension; disruption to studies; separation from friends; lack of familiarity with rules; good character; or a personal commitment to behaving better in the future. Sanctions are intended to have significant impact in order to effectively deter students from engaging in future misconduct.

Grounds for appeal (fill in all that apply)

Provide a detailed description of the evidence you are offering in support of each of the grounds for appeal that apply to your situation and submit your appeal online.

Submitting Your Appeal

Refer to your outcome letter for the name of your designated appeal officer and click on the box for that individual only. Failure to submit the appeal to the correct person can result in the appeal being denied.

A written response to your appeal will occur whether or not you are scheduled for an appeal hearing.