Copyright Guidelines


Class Manuals to be sold in the Copy Shops that contain material protected by copyright must be cleared through the Photocopying Office. Permissions are only good for one semester.

Instructors must provide the following information:

  • Publication title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Publication Date
  • ISBN/ISSN# (if available)
  • Page numbers
  • Instructor name
  • Number of copies needed
  • Course name

Requests can take days to weeks to gain clearance depending on publisher. Please provide ample time when requesting material to be cleared. All submissions must be made to:

Copy Shop Coordinator
Telephone: 507-389-2040


Reproduction Guidelines

  • No cash copies of copyrighted text, music or any other material protected by copyright.

    • Customers desiring photocopies of copyrighted material by means of cash payment should be directed to the nearest self-serve coin-operated copier. 
    • Transparencies for cash sales may be requested, due to the fact the coin operated copiers can not make transparencies.
  • Faculty copyright orders may be completed under the following circumstances only:

    • All copies must be on a departmental account.
    • One copy only of a chapter, article, graph, poem, or any other comparable medium for an instructor for research directly related to classroom instruction.
    • In all instances of photocopying, a visible identification of the copyright including the title author, copyright date, and publisher must be present on the front page of the photocopied material.
    • Multiple copies of copyrighted material may not be made from any reproduction (photocopy) of copyrighted material—this includes a faculty research copy of a chapter from a book, graph, poem, etc.
    • Multiple copies will have to be sold as manuals and need to be cleared through the Copyright Clearance Center. Contact one of the Coordinators when this occurs.
      Multiple copying of copyrighted material for classroom distribution may be done only:

      • For an instructor who has not had sufficient time upon discovering the material to obtain copyright authorization from the sources publisher (spontaneity),
      • A total of nine instances of spontaneity per instructor in the period of one academic school semester,
      • With a visible identification of the copyright present on the front page of the document reproductions (see item C).

Any and all exceptions to these guidelines must be cleared by copyright personnel in the photocopying office at 507-389-2702.