Campus Bulletin Board Locations

Once you have printed your posters, your next stop should be to the Centennial Student Union Main Office, 220 CSU, to obtain permission to post in campus buildings. Provided you have followed University expectations regarding poster content prior to printing, this process usually takes one day. After they are stamped, you can pick up your posters to put them on campus bulletin boards.

Here are PDF maps to help you find public bulletin boards around campus. The dots indicate aproximate location of public bulletin boards. 

Armstrong (13)

Clinical Science Building (0)

Ford Hall (1)

Highland Center (1)

Memorial Library (3)

Morris Hall (6)

Nelson HALL (9)

Performing Arts Center (8)

Residential Life (6):

  • Take posters to the Residence Life Office, CC 111

Student Health Services (2):

  • Take posters to the Front Desk in CC 21

Trafton (15)

Wiecking CENTER (2)

Wissink HALL (3)