Graphic Design

Minnesota State Mankato's in-house graphic designers are tuned in to the University's overall marketing strategies, so you'll never have to explain things like logo usage or the need to use photos that show diversity.

The designers work closely with the Office of Integrated Marketing and the Publications Director to make sure their work is in line with University goals. Their purpose is to produce brochures, newsletters, booklets, bulletins and more that set your program apart from the competition. At the same time they will use colors and styles that show your program's relationship to the University.

Whether your standard brochure needs some minor revisions, or you're after an all-new print identity, the graphics staff will walk you through the process and make sure you end up with a rewarding final product.

To begin your next project with our team, submit your request using our Graphic Design Request Form.

Starting a job is as easy as making a phone call to 389-1181. The professional staff will guide you every step of the way, from sketching brochure ideas to making the right decisions on color, ink, paper, size, etc.

All new projects with the Creative Production Graphics Lab begin with a work order. Be prepared to submit a completed work order along with your electronic file or hard copy. The work order must include a budget number, quantity, due date, and specifications including paper and ink color/colors. If you need assistance selecting your paper and ink, the Graphics Lab staff will help you.

Always keep a copy of your file. Save time and money by making sure text is in final form before you submit the project to Creative Production; you will be billed for Graphics time spent on revising text.

If you require a PDF of your job for web use, please make that indication under "special instructions" on the printing request form.

Creative Production runs Macintosh platform and is compatible with the following programs:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • PDF (Portable Document Format)

For best results, please verify that your software is compatible with our systems prior to submitting.

We can work with PC files in the above applications. However, Macintosh files work best. Please call the Creative Production Graphics Lab (389-1181) before you begin your project to save time and cost.

Submissions may be made via:

  • E-mail (files up to 5MB)
  • USB Flash drive
  • CD/DVD
  • Larger files can be sent via file transfer websites such as and

Electronic files created with the following programs are not accepted:

  • Publisher (Publisher files are accepted for projects submitted through Photocopying Services)
  • Freehand
  • Appleworks

Files should be single pages and not printer's or reader's spreads, and should allow a minimum margin of 3/8" (.375).

To save time and money proofread copy and make editing changes before submission.

Please include all supporting graphics or photos for your documents, even if the program allows you to embed the graphics.

  • Submit electronic photos in their most original format (CMYK, RGB or grayscale).
  • Select a high resolution when using digital cameras or scanning photos. (350 pixels per printed inch is reommended). If you need photos scanned, we can assist you with our high quality scanner.
  • Glossy photos are preferred over matte finish photos.
  • Graphics or bitmap resolution should be 2400 dpi.
  • Camera Raw, TIFF or EPS file formats are recommended. Avoid saving your images as JPG files unless it is your only option with a digital camera.
  • Images suitable for the web are generally not suitable for printing.
  • Include photos and graphics separately and not embeded in a layout program.

Please supply all fonts (both printer and screen fonts) used in your documents and graphics. If your files are PC based and you cannot supply Open Type fonts (cross-platform compatible), you must create outlines for your text. PC fonts are not compatible with Macintosh platform.

It is your responsibility to carefully proofread your project. Creative Production is not responsible for any errors found in your project after you have approved and signed the proof tag.

  • Make all changes on the proof copy provided to you by the Graphics Lab and make changes in red ink.
  • Sign and return proof tag along with all original documents and proofs.

The following statements must appear on all University publications (In no smaller than 6 pt type, can not be a 'light' version of a font, but condensed is fine):

On informational publications:

A member of the Minnesota State system and an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity University.

A member of the Minnesota State system and an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity University. This document is available in alternative format to individuals with disabilities by calling the [DEPARTMENT NAME HERE] at 507-389-[XXXX] (V), 800-627-3529 or 711 (MRS/TTY).

For use on event publications:

A member of the Minnesota State system and an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity University. Individuals with a disability who need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this event, please contact [insert Department or Office Name] at 507-389-_ _ _ _ (V), 800-627-3529 or 711 (MRS/TTY) at least ____ days prior to the event. This document is available in alternative format to individuals with disabilities by calling the above numbers.

Graphic Design Fees

Graphic design services cost $60 per hour, prorated by 15 minute increments (minimum 30 minutes). Upon request, Creative Production provides detailed estimates based on the amount of design time involved and the specifications and quantity of your print job. Costs can be kept down by carefully editing and proofreading all documents before they get to Creative Production.

Creative Production is self-sustaining and does not receive funding from the University. Any revenue generated by Creative Production is invested in new equipment and software.