What Information is Required?

​What Information is Required to be in A Course Syllabus?

Your syllabus must contain a description of the course, learning outcomes, and how your students should contact you if they need help.

At a minimum, your syllabus must include the following elements:

  • Course name and number
  • Current semester
  • Number of credits
  • Instructor name and contact information
  • Course meeting dates and location(s)
  • Course description
  • Course learning outcomes
  • Required and recommended materials
  • The institution's Disability Accommodation statement

See the CETL syllabus template for an example of required, recommended, and optional content for your syllabus.

The University does not have a required layout for syllabi, but keep usability and accessibility in mind as you experiment with fun typography, illustrations, and layouts. All students must be able to locate information in the syllabus.