​Writing Assessment Projects

As part of program review, WAC assists departments in studying student writing performance. WAC teams with individual departments to:

  • Identify the writing skills desired of program graduates
  • Examine current students’ writing performance
  • Document departments' writing instruction and assessment activities for purposes of program review or accreditation

How It Works

  • Faculty designate majors’ writing proficiency as a component of program review.
  • A writing sub-committee is assembled. Any faculty member may join the committee. Those who teach writing intensive courses would be particularly welcome. Sub-committee members are compensated for their participation.
  • Sub-committee members commit to attending four meetings over the course of a semester. Each meeting serves a different purpose.

Meeting 1: Identifying Artifacts

Meeting 2: Designing the Rubric

Meeting 3: Applying the Rubric

Meeting 4: Analyzing Results

How WAC Helps

The WAC Coordinator works with the sub-committee through every phase of the project. The Coordinator shares expertise gleaned from the writing assessment literature and knowledge gained from past writing assessment projects.

The WAC Coordinator helps faculty identify curricular components that can be adapted to help the program achieve its writing goals for students.

At the conclusion of the project, the WAC Coordinator produces a formal report that summarizes the committee’s process and outcomes. This report can be incorporated into program review and accreditation materials.

For more information about embedding writing assessment into program review, contact WAC@mnsu.edu.