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Our goal is to foster a culture of philanthropy that resonates with our students, employees, alumni, and the greater campus community. We are dedicated to nurturing an environment where the spirit of giving and social responsibility thrives. Through collaborative partnerships, strategic fundraising, and a commitment to making education accessible to all, we endeavor to shape not only the future of our students but also the future of society at large. Our culture of philanthropy is a beacon that guides us toward creating a world enriched by knowledge, empathy, and positive change.

Introducing Campus Cares Employee Giving

Employee giving is about showing that our campus cares. All employees, part-time and full-time, and our University retirees are invited to participate. Join your colleagues and make a difference!

10 Reasons to Give Back

Here are 10 reasons to give to the University Achievement Fund and support the student and the University's greatest needs through payroll deduct giving!

Campus Cares Employee Giving FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding Campus Cares and employee giving.