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10 Reasons for You to Give Back

Giving back to Minnesota State University, Mankato as an employee can be a meaningful and impactful way to contribute to the institution that has played a significant role in your personal and professional development. Here are 10 compelling reasons for you to give to the University Achievement Fund through payroll deduct:

  1. Gratitude: Your education likely played a crucial role in shaping your career and life path. Giving back is a way to express gratitude for the knowledge, skills, and opportunities you gained during your time as a student.
  2. Support Future Generations: Your contributions can directly benefit current students by providing scholarships, emergency resources, and improved facilities. By giving back, you help ensure that future generations of students have access to a high-quality education and a supportive environment.
  3. Pride and Identity: Giving back can reinforce your sense of pride and identity as a member of the Maverick community. It's a way to stay connected and contribute to our employee giving tradition. It shows our Campus Cares.
  4. Enhance Educational Experiences and Undergraduate Research: Our university relies on private funding to support undergraduate research endeavors, provide  emergency grants to students, address food insecurity needs, and maintain our award winning scholarship program. By giving to the University Achievement Fund, you provide the resources and flexibility for campus to support students, how and when the support is needed most.
  5. Inspire Others: Your generous act of giving back can inspire colleagues, students, and alumni to do the same. Leading by example creates a ripple effect of philanthropy throughout the Maverick community.
  6. Professional Networking: Giving back can also provide opportunities to connect with fellow alumni, faculty, staff, and other donors. Networking within the university community can lead to valuable connections and collaborations that can benefit your career.
  7. Positive Workplace Culture: Demonstrating your commitment to the university's mission and values through giving back can contribute to a positive workplace culture—a culture of philanthropy. It shows that you are invested in the success and well-being of the institution beyond your daily responsibilities. You are showing that Campus Cares.
  8. Tax Benefits: Your donations are tax-deductible. This can provide financial incentives for your generosity now and in the future.
  9. Strengthen the Institution: Employee contributions contribute to the financial health and sustainability of the university. These funds can be used to enhance academic programs, research initiatives, campus infrastructure, and student services, ultimately strengthening the institution's reputation and impact.
  10. Personal Fulfillment: Ultimately, giving back can be deeply fulfilling. Knowing that your contributions are making a positive impact on the lives of our students, the institution, and society as a whole brings a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Remember, the size of your contribution doesn't matter as much as the act of giving itself. Every contribution, no matter the size, collectively makes a significant difference.

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