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Gold Folder - 911 Guide

IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, CALL 911. View Full 911 Guide

Is the student in imminent danger to self or others? Does the student need immediate assistance?

Red alert image icon


Student is in imminent danger of harming self or others, or is experiencing a mental health crisis.

Call 911 or University Security 507-389-2111.

Yellow alert image icon

Not Sure

Student has shown several indicators of distress and my interaction left me worried. I am very concerned.

Refer to appropriate resources below in gold.

Green alert image icon


I am not concerned that the student is in imminent danger but I am concerned that they could benefit from additional support and resources.

Refer to appropriate campus support options below or reference the full 911 guide. Alternatively, you can submit a MavCares Alert.

Submit a MavCares Alert

Fill out this online form to refer a student who has an academic concern such as excessive absences, a failing letter grade, or concerning behavior.


Reporting a suspected crime or personal safety concern

All emergencies occurring on campus should be reported immediately to Security at 222 Wiecking Center, V/TTY at 507-389-2111. Emergencies include, but are not limited to: fires, suspicious people or activities, medical assistance, crime reports, traffic accidents and other illegal activities. Other crimes or personal safety concerns may be reported to Security at 2111.

Emergency Contacts

Emergency 911
University Security 507-389-2111

View Full 911 Guide

For more information on emergencies, crisis situations, and support options, view the full 911 guide.

Full 911 Guide