Section Pages

Section page types are used to create home pages or landing pages for a section of content and should mark the first landing spot for a content topic such as a department, program, college, audience, or organization.

How to use a section page

Section pages are navigational pages used to quickly and easily lead website users to various content topics on the website. A section page should display these blocks at minimum in this order:

1. Carousel Block

With 1-5 photos, 1440 w x 610 h

2. Section Block

With a short, one-sentence introduction to the content. This sentence should double as your meta data for the page.

3. Call to Action (CTA) Block

Purple CTA blocks must have 4 links.

Gold CTA blocks may have 3 or 4 links.

If you choose to have 2 Call to Action Blocks, the first must be purple and the second must be gold.


4. Additional blocks as needed

Including Column Blocks with Editorial Blocks inside, Column Blocks with pages dragged inside, Side-by-Side Carousel Blocks, Section Blocks, and Instagram Blocks.

5. Navigation displayed at the bottom

This is a mobile-first design concept and allows the navigation to be easily accessed on mobile devices. The navigation auto-populates based on the organization of the pages under the section page.

Correct Section Page Layout

Section Page Template Example

What Not to Do

Section pages should not be used to provide in-depth information. Standard pages should be used to provide detailed information, and section pages should feature calls-to-action that lead to the detailed content.