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Life Hacks to Avoid Getting Hacked!

Learn four easy life hacks you can do right now to help you stay safe online and be cyberaware.
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Cybercriminals Strike with Financial Aid Email Phishing Scams

Beware of phishing scams involving fake emails posing as University financial aid communications.
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Ethical Hackers: Heroes of the Cyberverse

Did you know that ethical hacking is a form of legal computer invasion? Learn more about this industry and how cybersecurity professionals defend against malicious hackers.
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Student Quick Guide to D2L Brightspace

D2L Brightspace is a valuable tool! Learn the basic functions of D2L and how to get started using it.
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Top 5 Tech Tips for Students Living On-Campus

Quick and essential tips to help residence community students get settled in with tech.
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Campus Technology 101

Six steps to get the campus tech essentials that you’ll need most for your classes.
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Instructor Quick Guide to D2L Brightspace

Instructors can use D2L Brightspace to organize course materials, connect with students, log grades, and more!
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#BeCyberAware While Gaming

Gamers – learn top tips you can practice right now to be safe while gaming online.
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Online Shopping Safety

Before you buy anything online, ask yourself a few key questions to make sure your information is safe from cybercriminals.
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Scammers Don’t Take Vacations

Take time to protect yourself, your devices, and sensitive information from cybercriminals this summer with our top tips.
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Security Tips for Online Banking

Do you engage in online or mobile banking? Find out how to keep your transactions secure with these tips.
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Microsoft March Spotlight: OneDrive

Included in Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive is a cloud-based file storage service that allows you to sync your files on all your devices for access anywhere and easy sharing.
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Is Your Smart Home Protected?

Any smart devices connected to your home's WiFi can be vulnerable to cybercriminals if they are unprotected. Stay safe with these security tips.