University Marketing and Communications manages the paid advertising campaigns for the University, including building and placing TV spots, radio ads, digital and social media ads, billboards and more.

Our office can also advise individual units on campus about advertising opportunities and help create strategic plans to make the best use of their budgets.

Advertising goals

Our strategy for paid advertising is built around meeting three goals:

  1. Increasing the number of requests for information, visits to campus, applications and enrollment confirmations from prospective students.
  2. Strengthening awareness of the Minnesota State University, Mankato brand in the marketplace.
  3. Increasing engagement with alumni throughout Minnesota.

Advertising Examples (2021)

Billboards throughout Minnesota

Minnesota State Mankato Billboard: Now is the time for Big Ideas

Bus Wrap in the Twin Cities

Bus wrapped in Minnesota State Mankato branding

Light Rail Wrap in the Twin Cities

lightrail wrapped in Minnesota State Mankato branding

Digital Advertising Examples (2021)

Online Advertising

Facebook Ad Example: Ready when You Are, Apply Now

Mobile Advertising

Digital Ad Example: Now is the Time for Big Ideas