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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Rich and Associates would like to acknowledge and thank the Minnesota State University community for affording us this opportunity to be of service. We would especially like to thank the following individuals and groups for their assistance and cooperation in the preparation of this analysis. These individuals gave graciously of their time and energy in collecting and providing to us information of enormous use in our analysis. They made themselves available so that we could query them regarding specific parking issues during our time on campus. If we have inadvertently left out any individuals from our acknowledgements, we offer our sincerest apologies as your contributions were of no less significance than those individuals mentioned to the successful completion of our task. To those staff members who worked indirectly behind the scenes we also wish to express our sincerest thanks to you as well.

We would especially like to thank Mr. David Cowan, Facilities Services Unit Manager for his tireless efforts in following through on our numerous requests for information and for the outstanding job he performed in orchestrating a comprehensive series of meetings with the various groups and individuals. His efforts helped to insure as accurate understanding as possible, on our part, of the parking situation on the Minnesota State University Campus. Where we have shortcomings in this analysis, it is purely a result of our fallibility or misunderstanding and should not reflect negatively on the extraordinary efforts put forth by Mr. Cowan.

We would like to express our sincerest thanks to the following individuals:

  • ® Mr. H. Dean Trauger, Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • ® Mr. Charles Andersen, Assistant Vice-President for Facilities
  • ® Ms. Sue Edstrom, Parking and Traffic Services Coordinator
  • ® Ms. Suzanne Dugan, Director of University Security
  • ® Ms. Katherine Voight, Parking Appeals Board Laison
  • ® Mr. Joel Jensen, Security Supervisor
  • ® Mr. Larry Kohanek, Construction Projects Manager
  • ® Ms. Diane Solinger, Residential Life Director
  • ® Mr. Mark Parsley, Immediate Past President of AFSCME Council 6, Local 638
  • ® Mr. Carl Egan, Chairperson of Interior Design and Construction Management
  • ® Mr. Lowell Swisher, English Professor and Campus Express Bus Patron
  • ® Mr. Walt Wolff, Admissions Director
  • ® Mr. Paul Hustoles, Director of the Department of Theatre and Dance
  • ® Ms. Linda Duckett, Chairperson of the Music Department
  • ® Ms. Lois Weber, President of the Middle Management Association
  • ® Mr. Scott Hagebak, Conference Scheduling and member of the PAC
  • ® Mr. Tom Nelson, Grounds Supervisor
  • ® Ms. Rose Marie Ley, Representative of AFSCME Council 6, Local 638, PAC Member
  • ® Mr. Christopher Boyce, Student Affairs Coordinator of the MSU Student Association
  • ® Mr. Ed McBride, Student Senate Speaker
  • ® Mr. Ian Radtke, Residence Hall Association Leader, PAC member
  • ® Ms. Georgia Holmes, President of the Faculty Association
  • ® Mr. Paul Kroenke, Manager, Barnes and Noble Bookstore
  • ® Mr. Don Amiot, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • ® Mr. Dave Gjerde, Registrar
  • ® Mr. Jim Whiteoak, Paylot Supervisor and Senior Accountant
  • ® Mr. Edgar Twedt, 3rd Ward Council Member, City of Mankato
  • ® Mr. Ken Saffert, City Engineer, City of Mankato
  • ® Mr. Loren Ewert, Executive Director, City Heartland Express Bus Service