Concurrent Enrollment Students

So you've decided to enroll in a concurrent enrollment course! You're probably wondering what to do next . . . 

new student to-do:

apply to campus

At Minnesota State Mankato we require all of our students to be admitted to campus before being able to register for courses. Admission is guaranteed if you meet our automatic admission requirements. Need help applying to campus?  View our application instructions.

meet with counselor

We recommend meeting with your high school counselor about the course(s) you're thinking about taking. Enrolling in the right courses is more important than enrolling in courses because they are available. Some questions to ask:

1. Does this course meet high school graduation requirements?

You'll want to make sure that the course(s) you're looking to enroll in won't impact your ability to graduate from high school. Some of our courses might be considered electives at your high school. To do this, talk with your high school counselor.

2. Does this course meet general education requirements at MinnState schools?

As mentioned above, some of the courses we offer are electives at your high school, they could also be considered electives at the institution you attend. Taking an elective course isn't a bad idea, in a lot of cases these are courses that help students better understand whether or not they are interested in pursuing this career path or not. We call these exploratory classes. You can learn more about the courses that we offer through concurrent enrollment here. Remember, course offerings vary by high school.

Concurrent Enrollment Courses


3. Does this course transfer to the school(s) I'm interested in attending after high school graduation? 

Making sure your courses transfer to the school you are planning on attending is important. You are taking this course so you won't have to take it again. There are several resources available to students to help answer the question of whether or not courses will transfer. Below is a link to our Graduating Seniors page. You'll find information on how to see if these courses will transfer.

Transferring Courses


4. Does this course count towards my intended major?

While we can't answer this question for all higher ed institutions, but we can provide information about Minnesota State Mankato's programs! If you are 100% sure you know what you'd like to major in and want to take intentional courses, consider researching those programs at the school(s) you're interested in attending. For reference, the button below will show you what Minnesota State Mankato's programs require.

Academic Programs



current students:

what to do with your credits

After you've completed courses, you'll want to make sure that you can use the credits you've earned. The easy way to make sure they work is to just finish your education at Minnesota State Mankato!! But, if that's not your goal take a look at our Graduating Seniors page for next steps.