PSEO Student Events and Important Dates

Here you'll find news, events, deadlines, and updated information for students already enrolled as PSEO students.

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The PSEO Office has a number of different events that are designed to help new students transition to campus, current students learn more about campus resources, and all students to get to know other PSEO students on campus. Learn about the different types of events that we have and make sure to sign up for one, two, three, or ALL of them!!!

Race to Register Events 

Race to Register events allow you to earn pretend credits that could help you register for courses sooner. Your registration window opens based on the number of PSEO credits you have with Minnesota State Mankato. Attending Race to Register events and completing the follow-up surveys earns you points. Each point is worth 1/2 of a "credit."

For example, a student with 12 credits earns 20 points through the Race to Register, their registration window will open with student who have 20+ credits.

*The credits you earn through Race to Register are not actual credits and won't appear on your university transcript. All points go back to zero at the beginning of each semester.

Race to Register events typically focus on academic success, purposeful course planning, and personal/professional development.

Social Events 

Because food and games are always fun! Bring some friends over and enjoy some free food and a chance to meet other PSEO students.

  • Check back soon for more social events!


Are you a soon to be graduating high school senior? We want to honor all the hard work you've done throughout your time as a PSEO student. Join us for an informal presentation on the next steps you'll need to take transition to college as a degree seeking student. 

D2L & Group Advising INFORMATION FOR FALL 2024

MSU Group Advising Sessions 

  • Wednesday, June 12th at 11am 
  • Tuesday, June 18th at 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, July 9th at 2pm
  • Thursday, July 18th at 10am

Transfer Group Advising Sessions

  • Tuesday, June 11th at 11am
  • Thursday, June 20th at 6:30pm
  • Wednesday, July 10th at 2pm
  • Tuesday, July 16th at 10am

Undecided Group Advising Sessions

  • Thursday, June 13th at 11am
  • Monday, June 17th at 6:30pm
  • Thursday, July 11th at 2pm
  • Wednesday, July 17th at 10am

Registration Dates for FALL 2024 

  • Monday, July 29th at 10:00am - students with 20+ earned university credits (point-earners not included) 
  • Monday, July 29th at 12:00pm - students with 20+ credits (point-earners included) 
  • Tuesday, July 30th at 10:00am - students with 12-19 credits (point-earners included) 
  • Tuesday, July 30th at 12:00pm - students with 1-11 credits (point-earners included) 
  • Wednesday, July 31st at 10:00am - students with 0 credits

Faculty and staff sitting at tables during the concurrent enrollment research presentation

Take your next steps to success

Fall Enrollment Due Date Spring Enrollment Due Date Task
May 30 December 1 Create an academic plan with your high school counselor
July 20 December 1 Review D2L advising materials or attend a group advising session
Based on registration window Based on registration window Register for classes
August 8 December 26 Get textbooks and course materials
Throughout the semester Throughout the semester Comply with Academic Policies and Expectations for Maintaining Good Academic Standing

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