What do I do with all of these credits?

Congratulations! You've worked hard to graduate from high school with college credits that are going to help you meet your academic goals. Now what? This page will help guide you through the steps to take based on your individual situation.

I'm planning on attending Minnesota State Mankato!

Attending Minnesota State Mankato after high school graduation is the simplest way to transition. Since your PSEO courses were taken here, you won't have to worry about transferring your credits, they're already here! If you have courses from other institutions, you will have to transfer those courses. If those courses were taken through another MinnState institution, just note that on your application to campus and the courses will automatically be transferred.

Next Step: Submit an application for semester you want to start, for most students this would be the August after you graduate. If you haven't applied for enrollment after high school, learn how to submit a new application using the button below. 

Submit a New Application


Note: University of Minnesota is not part of the MinnState system. If you have courses through the University of Minnesota, you'll need to submit official UMN transcripts to Minnesota State Mankato.

Applied? Been admitted for after high school graduation?

You'll need to attend an orientation before being able to register for your first semester as a degree seeking student. Since you have experience on campus and are familiar with some of our support services, we recommend registering for a one day event.

Register for an orientation event here. Hurry up though, spots fill up quickly!

Register for Orientation

Applying for Scholarships

Even though you'll have college credits when you enroll, you're still considered a first year student, meaning you can qualify for first year student scholarships!

Finding and qualifying for these scholarships is easy! Start by filling out the university scholarship application. Make sure to research the different types of awards, there are both auto-match and apply-to. Auto-match scholarships use the information you provide on your application to automatically match you with scholarships. Apply-to scholarships require you to take additional steps and may require additional information such as letters of recommendation, personal essay, etc.

Scholarship Finder

We all know that you need to find the right college that fits you. For many of you, that right fit will be Minnesota State Mankato, for others, you'll want to follow these steps to help ensure a successful transition.

  1. Transfer your courses by sending official university transcripts from every postsecondary school you've attended. Note: the institutions will not complete this step for you. It will be important to keep records of all the institutions you've taken courses through, each school will have a different process to have transcripts sent. 
  2. If you'd like to learn how courses you've taken will transfer, consider using Transferology.
Transfer your courses