National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) Accreditation

Our concurrent enrollment program has been accredited through NACEP since 2010! NACEP is the only accreditor of concurrent enrollment programs in the nation. Accreditation is required by Minnesota statute and helps assure students are receiving an identical classroom experience as students on campus.

Why is NACEP accreditation so important?

  1. Provides students with as close to a true postsecondary experience as possible.
  2. Students will experience the same level of course rigor as our campus students.
  3. Instructors are held to the same credentials as our university faculty.
  4. Students are taught to the same learning outcomes as campus students.
  5. Assurance from other institutions that the course will prepare students for postsecondary rigor.
  6. The various NACEP standards provide checks and balances to help K12 and postsecondary schools align courses.

accreditation standards

NACEP accreditation consists of sixteen standards in the six categories (Partnership, Faculty, Assessment, Curriculum, Student, and Program Evaluation).

We include all of our partners in the accreditation process. Some examples include requesting instructor syllabi, graded assessments, and annual course specific professional development. Faculty partners will be asked to provide evidence of new instructor training, collegiality with their instructors, and ensuring course alignment.

The PSEO Office leads the accreditation process, including evidence gathering and enforcing policy and practice.

Accreditation lasts for seven years, during the sixth year of the cycle, the program will complete the application and provide evidence from the year prior to accreditation ending. Courses are divided into disciplines. Every standard that requires evidence from each discipline, will be required to contain evidence from each discipline. 

NACEP accreditation guides our daily work and informs nearly all of our concurrent enrollment decisions. For more detailed information on NACEP standards, you can view the Concurrent Enrollment Instructor Guide.

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