Homecoming Parade Line up

Information on lining up for the Homecoming Parade

map for 2021cHomecoming Parade Line up

Line Up Begins: 10:00 AM

2021 Placement

Please note Val Imm Drive will be closed.

Only floats with special designation by the parade committee will receive an assigned spot. All other floats will be placed as they arrive.

Floats will be able to begin in line-up at 10am.

If you have multiple vehicles, you must arrive together. Any entry that does not have all vehicles present at time of check-in will not be permitted into the staging or line-up area. Once an entry enters the line-up area, no other vehicles or unit will be allowed to enter.

Additional Information:

General Parade Guidelines and Policies
Parade Line-Up Map (Download)

Length Guide

Check out the Length Guide with examples

10 Foot Entries

  • Motor Cycle
  • 5-20 People

20 Foot Entries

  • Average Car
  • Average SUV
  • Average Truck
  • Average Van
  • Single Axel Trailer
  • 20-40 People

30 Foot Entries

  • Double Axel Trailer
  • 40-60 People

30+ Foot Entries

  • Flatbed Trailer (50 Foot)
  • Semi Trailer (80 Foot)