Homecoming Parade Guidelines

Rules and regulations for those participating in the parade.


1) Use of Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

a) In accordance with state and municipal laws, the Minnesota vehicle code, and Minnesota State University Mankato regulations, the following policy will be enforced:

(I) The possession, presence, and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or drugs are strictly prohibited on the parade route, parade lineup area, parade vehicles (including floats), float disbanding area, and all other designated Homecoming event areas.

(II) Group contact persons and vehicle drivers must be sober (not under the influence of alcohol or drugs).

(III) Organizations/Teams found in violation of this policy will be excluded from participation in future Homecoming activities and will be subject to removal from the parade and/or subject to arrest and/or disciplinary action by Minnesota State University Mankato. Organizations/Teams violating this policy will also face disqualification from the Homecoming competition.

2) Eligibility

a) Only officially recognized Minnesota State University Mankato organizations and residence halls may have entries for competition team points in the parade. All units must complete the parade route unless otherwise notified.

b) All non-university groups registered for the parade will not count toward competition team points.

c) All participants under the age of 12 must be immediately accompanied by his or her parent or guardian.

3) Responsibility of the Contact Person

a) A contact person must be declared by each entry at the time of application. This contact person will assume responsibility for the actions of the group. The contact person, as stated on the parade application, must remain with their entry and be visible during the entire parade lineup, parade, and disbanding.

4) Vehicles

a) Each entry must select the appropriate classification from the following categories.

Class 1: Walking groups and non-motorized entries. Groups may consist of up to 40 participants on foot, person-powered, or animal-powered vehicles. (example: bikes, skateboards, or big wheels)

Class 2: Motorized vehicle without floats (example: car, trucks, and vans). This classification may have only one vehicle. Maximum of 20 people for this entry.

Class 3: Traditional float entries: may consist of one motorized vehicle pulling one non-motorized vehicle/floats. Maximum of 20 people for this entry.

Class 4: Miscellaneous Entries: Any entry that does not fit into the previous categories. This may include multiple vehicle floats, large vehicles, and groups larger than 40 people. Floats in this category must obtain prior approval from the Assistant Director of Campus Programs.

b) All vehicles must remain on the pavement at all times.

c) No burnouts of any type are allowed.

d) All vehicles must maintain one vehicle’s width from the curb. IE: A car must stay one car width from the pavement

5) Marching Groups

a) A marching group is identified as any group with similar dress styles and synchronized movements or organized choreography. A group following their respective float or decorated car does not constitute a marching group. A group wishing to enter a float and a separate marching group or decorated car in the parade must submit one application for each entry.

6) Stopping at the Judges’ Stand

a) Float and marching group entries must stop in front of the judges’ stand in order to be critiqued. A parade official will be present to direct the entries. The judge's stand will be on the passenger’s side.

7) Identifying Signs

a) All floats, decorated cars, and marching groups must identify themselves by a sign, banner, etc. The sign serves to identify your entry in the parade; lettering must be large enough to be read from a distance.

8) Commercial Sponsorship

a) The Student Events Team must approve the promotion of commercial sponsors (names, logos, etc.) by the Student Event Team team advisor or Homecoming Chair one week in advance. Excessive promotion will not be allowed.

9) Food and Beverages

a) There will be NO coolers, squeeze bottles, or other beverage containers allowed in any of these locations. The ONLY exception is for candy, coupons, perishable food for distribution, necklaces, etc. to be handed out along the parade route.

c) All containers may be searched at any time.

10) Float Distance

a) In order to maintain a smooth parade, Minnesota State Mankato asks each float driver to maintain a minimum 10 feet and a maximum 20 feet between groups

11) Safety

a) If you choose to give items away to the spectators, someone must walk along the side of the float during the parade and personally hand out the item(s). YOU MAY NOT THROW ANYTHING TOWARD SPECTATORS, JUDGES, OR FELLOW PARADE ENTRIES. Throwing items will not be tolerated and is in violation of a Mankato city ordinance. A minimum of two people must be available to distribute items for each float.

b) Any written signs, cheers, or language of any kind that discriminates or is threatening or harmful in nature will not be tolerated and may result in loss of points, disqualification from the parade competition, and/or disciplinary action.

c) No persons or appendages may be outside of a vehicle window without approval from the Assistant Director, Campus Programs.

d) Persons within three feet of float edges shall be seated at all times. Persons at least three feet from float edges may stand.

e) All weapons (real or a replica), All groups must comply with the University Weapons Policy

Specific Guidelines for Floats and Decorated Cars

1) Decorations

All float and car entries must be appropriately decorated. No undecorated entries will be involved in the parade unless given special permission by the Student Events Team.

2) Open Flame

The use of open flame is prohibited without prior approval. This includes (but is not limited to) the use of gas, lamps, flares, fuses, candles, and lighted matches. Smoke devices must be of the non-heating type (dry ice or chemical). Exhaust pipes should be extended beyond the decorated area and properly protected.

3) Generators

Generators may be used with prior approval. No bulk storage of combustibles is allowed. IE: No gas cans.

4) Clearance

All floats are responsible for ensuring their vehicle or float can pass underneath obstructions (trees and power lines) along the parade route.

5) Once vehicles leave the parade route they are subject to all municipal, state, and federal laws. Please disembark all floats and trailers prior to leaving the parade distribution area.

Parade Day Instructions

1) Line-up begins 1.5 hours prior to the start of the parade. Please check into the float check-in at minimum one hour prior to the parade.

2) Line-up information is distributed via email 72 hours prior to the parade. Please note the special directions on the map.

3) All groups participating in the parade will check in at the check-in table located at the corner of Birchwood and Ellis

4) Each group will receive a lineup number. This number will be given to the group's primary contact and should be placed on the windshield of each vehicle, on the float, or on your group's sign. This assists the parade judges and during line-up.


1) Registration end will end on October 3, 2023, at 12:00 PM.

Please contact the Student Activities Office, attention Bill Tourville, for additional information about riding on floats. The Student Events Team Homecoming Committee reserves the right to intervene to preserve the safety of the parade participants and spectators.


173 Centennial Union