Fraternity & Sorority Life Parents & Families

Joining a Fraternity or Sorority is an important decision for your student. Understand why you should be informed about what they're getting into!

Parents & Families

When your student joins, he or she will be part of a 400+ member community which provides many opportunities for both personal and professional development, all of which will help lead your student to a bright, successful future.

For many parents, the Fraternity & Sorority Community conjures up images of the movie "Animal House." That's simply not the reality! There are many myths about the Fraternity & Sorority Community, but the reality is that men and women in fraternities and sororities are committed to their academics, volunteer time in the community, develop and strengthen their leadership skills, and form a campus network with other students!

Today's college student expects his or her parent(s) to be somewhat active in the college experience while they're going through it.  Fraternity & Sorority members are no exception, and they value input from and involvement on the part of their families.  If your son or daughter joins a fraternity or sorority, ask how you can be involved!  Some host family weekends, and others may even have a parents' club.  If not, it's easy to start either tradition!

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