Group Exercise Classes

Spring Class Schedule March 13 - April 28, 2023

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  • Class registration not required.
  • Wear appropriate workout clothes and clean shoes.
  • Classes are free for all current msu students. faculty, staff, and alumni need a membership to join classes.
  • Classes are Located in Pennington Hall 102.


  • 12:15pm Cycle 30 with Carly
  • 3pm Cycling with Gionna
  • 4pm Cardio Blast with Gionna
  • 5pm All Levels Yoga with Aditi


  • 3pm Cycling with Kerry
  • 4pm HIIT with KP
  • 5pm Sculpt Yoga with Brooke


  • 12:15pm Cycle 30 with KP
  • 3pm Cycling with Gionna
  • 4pm Total Body Conditioning with Ellie
  • 5pm Strength Training with KP


  • 3pm Cycling with Kerry
  • 4pm Strength Training with Emma
  • 5pm Total Body Conditioning with Elizabeth


  • 9am All Levels Yoga with Carly

Class descriptions

All Levels Yoga is a practice for all students. No experience necessary. Variations of poses will be provided for you to work at a pace and comfort that represents where your mind and body are at on this day. This class may include breath work, flowing poses, static poses, guided relaxation, and meditation. 45 min.

Cardio Blast is a class devoted to cardiorespiratory endurance training. This class is all cardio. Different formats will be included to get your heart pumping. Expect to use the steps, jump ropes, and other equipment. 45 min.

Cycling is an indoor workout on the STAGES bikes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, and high-intensity work. 45 min. 

Cycle 30 is an indoor workout on the STAGES bikes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, and high-intensity work. 30 min. 

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is cardio training that involves cycles of high intensity bursts and low to moderate intensity recovery. The ratio is usually 2:1, i.e., 20 seconds of jump squats and 10 seconds of jogging in place. Class may include intervals of strength training and Tabata formats. 45 min.

Sculpt Yoga is a full body workout that combines yoga, cardio, and endurance training using light dumbbells and minimal equipment. This fast-paced yoga flow includes upbeat music and always has options offered to adjust to what is best for each participant! 45 min.

Strength Training uses weighted bars and other equipment for a resistance training workout targeting all major muscles. Benefits: improve muscular strength and endurance by using provided equipment and your own body weight for a balanced workout. 45 min.

Total Body Conditioning is a cardio and resistance training class that will raise your heart rate during the cardio portion and challenge your muscular strength and endurance during the resistance training portion. Use dumbbells, body bars, bands, your own body weight, plyometric exercises, etc. for a balanced workout! 45 min.

Below are a sample of videos from the MNSU Campus Rec YouTube page.