Student Address Change

For Local, Permanent and/or Diploma Address

From time to time, you will receive important communication and documents in the mail. Therefore, it is essential to keep your mailing addresses up-to-date.  It is your right and your responsibility to do this using the online system.

Update Address

Login to

  1. Select Account Management (left side area)
  2. Select Address Info (left side area)

To change an address click on edit for the address you want to change and make the changes you desire.

Post Office Standards

The post office has certain standards for mailing addresses and it is advisable to follow these when entering your address to avoid any lost or returned mail.  Here are the most important:

  1. Use only standard post office abbreviations for street suffix names. Example:  Street should be ST, Road should be RD, Avenue should be AVE, Circle should CIR, Court should be CT, Lane should be LN, Suite should be STE, Highway should be HWY, and Apartment should be APT followed by the number (APT 213).  However, do not use an abbreviation for County Road.
  2. Spell out street names; do not use abbreviations such as Wash for Washington or Univ  for University.  However, you should use abbreviations for directional indicators like N for North.
  3. Do not use periods in the address; simply leave a space between the elements.
  4. Use capital letters for street and city names.
  5. If you have PO Box and a street address, please list them both as address 1 and address 2.