Accepting Your Financial Aid Awards

An email is sent from Student Financial Services ( to the student when eligibility for financial aid awards has been determined. The student is given instructions on viewing the award information on Student eServices; the student will also be guided through the response process to indicate his/her decisions to accept, reduce, or decline certain aid types. 

Every effort is made to meet a student's financial need.  Financial need can be met from a variety of sources with grants and scholarships considered first, followed by work-study employment and loan programs

Acceptance Steps

Two separate processes to accept awards and loans: Submit Award Response and Loan Acceptance

Submit Award Response:

  1. Login to
  2. Select Financial Aid 
  3. Under “Next Step” select “View your Award Notification”
  4. Complete all steps:
    1. Review Award Information 
    2. Respond to Awards – in this section you may choose to accept a Federal Direct student loan by selecting “Request loan.” You will be taken to a separate page. Complete the loan acceptance steps and return to the Respond to Awards page to complete the remaining steps for your awards and loan request to be processed. 
    3. Provide Additional Information 
    4. Submit Award Response

Accept a Federal Direct student loan (only if you did not complete this in the Submit Award Response step):

  1. Complete the steps indicated above. If this is already done, proceed to the next step. 
  2. Login to
  3. Select Financial Aid 
  4. Select Loans 
  5. Complete Loan Acceptance steps

Important: Private (non-federal) student loan applications will not be processed until you accept your award and your Federal Direct student loans. If you choose not to accept your Federal Direct student loans you must make an appointment with one of our Financial Aid Advisors to discuss this information.

2023-2024 Financial Aid Award Checklist  (PDF)

More Information

Grants and scholarships will not require acceptance; access to work-study and student loan funds requires that certain steps be completed. You must also notify the Student Financial Services of any scholarship or other educational funds you will receive from external sources if they are not listed. If you have been offered a scholarship or other source of funding by the University or some other organization, it will be counted as a resource when your eligibility for aid is calculated. 


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If you have any questions during this process, please feel free to contact us.