Financial Aid Steps Overview

Apply for financial aid

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is available on October 1 each year for the next academic year. When you submit a FAFSA you receive an email confirmation message and a Student Aid Report (SAR). The SAR provides you with the number that was calculated as your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) based on your FAFSA responses. While there are other factors that will determine your financial aid eligibility, your EFC is a key one. Your FAFSA information is then sent to the schools you indicate and each school begins reviewing and processing your application to ensure everything is in place to deliver your financial aid award.

Financial aid can only be awarded to admitted students; go here if you still need to apply for admission to Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Watch for and respond to follow-up requests

You may be asked to provide additional information or documentation to supplement the FAFSA information received by the school. To check the progress of your FAFSA review at Minnesota State Mankato, you can log in with StarID to your Financial Aid Portal.

If you or your family encountered significant financial or life circumstances that are not reflected in your FAFSA responses, you may ask the University to review your situation through the Special Circumstances process. Depending on your original FAFSA results, a change to your EFC could increase your eligibility for need-based funds.

Receive your financial aid award

In addition to having your application complete, the school needs final cost information for tuition and fees in order to determine your financial aid budget and create financial aid awards. This typically happens during the summer, so you can expect a financial award notification email in July. The email is sent from MNSU-Campus Hub and you will be instructed to log in to Student eServices to view your award.  

You may have specific educational costs that qualify for an increase to your total financial aid budget. Call or visit the Campus Hub to schedule a Budget Adjustment Request appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor.

Submit your response to accept financial aid

In Student eServices you will also be guided through the response process to indicate your decisions to accept, reduce, or decline certain aid types and to report any other financial resources for your education such as scholarships, waivers, or other external funds. Learn more about Accepting Your Financial Aid Awards.

Receive your financial aid

Your financial aid for each semester is processed after the first week of classes, once your registration is considered final. If you make changes after the first week, your financial aid could also change. Learn more about Financial Aid Disbursement.

Pay attention to your student account

Be sure your financial aid has paid all of your charges for the semester. Check your student account in Student eServices. If you still have a balance due, it will need to be paid before you can register for the next semester. Be sure to ask right away if you have any questions about your bill or your financial aid, or if you need help finding the information you need to stay on track with your finances.