Special Circumstances

Special Circumstance is a process used to review financial aid eligibility based on changes to certain aspects of personal data originally reported on the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). All Special Circumstance requests will be reviewed. Special Circumstance forms are available for print below. 

Examples of Special Circumstance Situations include:

  • Reduction in income for a 10 week period of time or longer due to loss or change of employment
  • Reduction of untaxable sources of income such as child support or social security benefits
  • Medical expenses paid out of pocket
  • Separation/divorce or death of a parent or spouse since FAFSA was originally filed
  • Distribution of 401K or similar, based on financial hardship, that is included in adjusted gross income
  • Nursing home expenses for family member not covered by insurance
  • Property damage due to natural disaster or fire not covered by insurance
  • Proceeds from sale of farm or business due to a foreclosure or bankruptcy counted in adjusted gross income 

Students submitting this form after having been awarded will receive a letter informing them what, if any, changes will be made to their eligibility.

Please note: All follow-up information requested for your financial aid application must be completely processed before the Special Circumstance request can be reviewed. 


Academic Year Special Circumstances 2024-2025