Financial Aid Disbursement

Financial aid disbursements are payments to financial aid recipients whose processed aid exceeds University charges. For information on timing of financial aid disbursements, refer to the Important Dates page.

The amount of a student’s financial aid disbursement is found by logging in to e-services. From the Bills and Payment menu, select Full Account Detail to find the amount listed as “Payment to Student.”

While work-study is part of the overall financial aid award it is not applied directly to the student’s charges with the University like other types of aid. Once a student begins working for the hiring department, the hours worked are reported on Student eTime. Each pay period, net earnings are paid directly to the student by direct deposit or check.

If work-study earnings are needed as a resource to cover unpaid University charges, the student must initiate those payments. If the student expects earnings received by the published due date will not be enough to pay the University balance in full, a work-study payment plan may be requested before the due date. Students who meet the terms of an established work-study payment plan are protected from past due account penalties. To set up a work-study payment plan, meet with the Accounts Receivable Director in the Student Financial Services office (WA120).

Students can receive disbursements in one of two forms:

Direct Deposit

To receive disbursements as a direct deposit, provide current bank account information through e-services. The bank routing number and account number will be required. The University recommends students review direct deposit authorization routinely to ensure bank account information is current.


Checks are mailed to student permanent address on file for those without a current direct deposit authorization.