What is Verification

Verification is a process that confirms the accuracy of data reported on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Applications are selected through the FAFSA process and the school is required to request additional information about certain items. The most common items to be verified include income, family size, citizenship, and dependent status. The Department of Education selects a certain number of FAFSAs for verification through an automated process. Applicants selected are not being accused of submitting false information. The Department of Education also requires schools to verify any conflicting information that arises in the review of a student’s financial aid file, so verification can occur both before and after you receive a financial aid award notification.


If You are Chosen to be Verified

You will receive an e-mail describing the information that needs to be verified. The email will provide a web link for you to submit the information being requested.


The school may make corrections to the FAFSA as a result of the verification process. If you have been asked to provide information for verification, you are asked not to make further corrections to your FAFSA without first consulting Student Financial Services.

Verifying Income Information

Option 1:  IRS Data Retrieval Tool (DRT)

  • Go to
  • Log into FAFSA
  • Select “Make FAFSA Corrections”
  • Click on the Financial Information tab
  • Follow instructions to determine if eligible to use the IRS DRT (If not able to use the IRS DRT complete Option 2)

Option 2:  Request Tax Return Transcript

  • Online Request
  • Available on the IRS Web site
  • Choose Option to GET TRANSCRIPT Online or by Mail
  • Enter the primary tax filer’s information.  Use the address currently on file with the IRS.  Generally this will be the address that was listed on the latest tax return filed.
  • Click Continue
  • In the Type of Transcript field, select “Return Transcript” and indicated the year needed in the Tax Year field,
  • If successfully validated, the web page will indicate a timeframe which tax filers can expect to receive a paper IRS Tax Return Transcript.