Student Attorney

Students at Minnesota State University, Mankato have the right to free legal advice. The Student Association provides a licensed practicing attorney through funding from student activity fees. Offering legal advice to individual students and researching legal issues for student body governance are the most important functions of the Student's Attorney. The Student's Attorney advises and informs students and special interest groups at MSU on a part-time basis.

We provide students with an in-person Student Attorney and phone consultations with an Immigration Attorney. 

Community Education

The Student's Attorney regularly speaks to classes and confers informally with concerned-citizen groups as well as doing publicity-related activities such as radio.


The Office of the Student's Attorney has existed for more than 40 years. It is available by virtue of a special section of Minnesota Statutes (M.S. 136F.57) authorizing the use of activity fee money for the hiring of student legal services providers.

Legal Issues

  • Deposits, leases, conditions
    (For roommate conflict issues, visit Housing. Student Attorneys do not mediate roommate conflicts.)
  • Felony, misdemeanor, traffic
  • Bankruptcy, insurance, sales contracts, debtor/creditor
  • Wages, injuries, unemployment, termination
  • Divorce, paternity, custody, wills, name change, domestic cases
  • Injury of non-contract nature, either negligent or intentional, such as assault, car accident and slander
  • Financial aid and so forth are referred to a University red-tape cutter and grade appeals are referred to the Senate Academic Affairs Coordinator
  • Immigration Concerns, Visa statuses, DACA policy, domestic students studying abroad or preparing to do so


Call 507-389-2611 or fill out the Appointment Request Form. Feel free to stop by the Student Government Office (room 280) in the Student Union to set up an appointment.

Appointments are necessary and can be made through the Student Government Office Manager, Amber Enz. Call 507-389-2611 or email

Please do not contact the Knutson-Casey Law Firm OR DONNELLY LAW directly. Drop-ins are not preferred because schedules are usually full. Student Attorney consultations are not scheduled during the summer months.