Veterans Higher Education Rights

Both the State of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (Minnesota State) system have policies aimed at resolving the special circumstances that veterans may face as they pursue higher education. It is important to know what your rights are, in many cases it is necessary to identify yourself as a veteran in order for staff to know that these policies apply. Contact the Veterans Resource Center or the Campus Hub with any questions.

Minnesota Statute 197.775

  • Military Transfer Credit
    • Credit must be granted for military training based on American Council on Education equivalency standards.
  • In-State Tuition
    • Undergraduate: All veterans pay in-state tuition rates, regardless of residency status.
    • Graduate: Veterans who entered active duty as a Minnesota resident and start attending college within two years of completing military service pay in-state tuition rates.
  • Delayed Payment of Tuition
    • "A state college or university may not assess late fees or other late charges for veterans who are eligible to receive federal educational assistance and who have applied for that assistance but not yet received it..."
    • Payment in full can be requested by the university within 30 days of receipt of federal educational assistance.
    • Contact the Campus Hub regarding payment issues.

Minnesota Statute 192.502

  • National Guard and Reservist drill weekends and annual training  
    • Drill weekends and annual training are recognized as protected active military service . Drill weekends and annual training are recognized as protected active military service under Minnesota Statute 192.502 – Protections  

Minnesota State Procedure 5.12.1

  • Students called to active duty and as a result are unable to complete a semester shall to the extent possible be provided one of the following options:
    • Full tuition refund (students would be liable for any financial aid refunds)
    • Extension allowing for a temporary grade of incomplete. Student can then complete the course upon discharge from active duty by independent study or by retaking  the course without charge.
    • Credit for course completion if, in the instructor's judgment, a sufficient amount of course work is completed.

*Note: your advisor should be notified of any prolonged absence. The three options listed above are at the discretion of the instructor, department, and university and should be worked out on an individual basis - this is not automatic!

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